Free Music Download: Robert DeLong

For those of you not aware of Robert DeLong, well, that’s a shame, man. An artist that man critics lumped in with the EDM crowd as many lauded EDM as dying, certainly wasn’t. Also, EDM seems to be doing fine, no matter what Deadmau5 says. Robert DeLong has much more going on. First, he’s a bit of an inventor – taking joysticks, paddles and controls where no music man has before, this music making manipulator sings, drums, synths and jams. I am not sure there is quite a show like this to be found anywhere else.

I have seen Robert DeLong perform live 4 times: once a beer n’ breakfast function in Seattle, once opening up for The Faint at In the Venue, at a Sundance function and at Kilby Court. All were spectacular. I often wonder what Mr. DeLong thought when they showed him the performance space.  I also wonder why Kilby Court doesn’t keep a log of first impressions artists have when they first eye this DIY SLC institution.

Robert’s first album “Just Movement” was a tricky album. At first, I was somewhat excited, but somewhat self-conscience having slightly joined the anti-EDM Defamation League, but I kept listening urged on by a friend. I am glad I did. “Change (How You Feel)” is in 4 out of 6 playlists on my phone at this moment. “Happy” and “Global Concepts” are staples as well.

It is certainly good to hear Robert DeLong has an EP, and hopefully LP, on the way. “Long Way Down” will be released in December and perhaps we can see him soon performing in Salt Lake.

Get it now. The link expires at midnight tonight.

Click here before midnight to download the first single, “Long Way Down” for free.


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