Free Show w/ The Maine – A Reason To Love This Monday


The Maine will be here at Club 50 West on Monday August 31st as a part of their “Free-For-All Tour.” This show is absolutely FREE! This show is all ages, however anyone under the age of 21 must be accompanied by someone over the age of 21. There are no tickets this show is on a first-come first-serve basis. The opener, Beach Weather, will start at 7 and The Maine will go on at 8. More details can be found here. Until then, use these hand selected The Maine songs to get hyped for the show.


  1. Same Suit, Different Tie

You may remember this song if you caught The Maine on their last tour stop in Salt Lake. This track comes off their latest, highly-acclaimed album American Candy. Glistening with 90s pop-rock sounds similar to those of Third Eye Blind & Matchbox Twenty, The Maine seem construct their own rock version of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop.” The Maine are still touring to support this new release, so you can expect them to play a few numbers off this album, hopefully this song. Richie sat down with The Maine to discuss their new album before their last show here. Watch the Interview here.

  1. Love & Drugs

Off of the slower, more melodramatic release Forever Halloween. This is a song you could either rock out to in a live show, or let spin on your record player as you wind down. During their 2013 co-headling show w/ Anberlin, John prefaced this song by saying “ this song is about not doing bad things.”

  1. My Heroine

Their third album, Pioneer, serves as a more overall energetic and rambunctious release. Take “My Heroine” for example, the song is led by loud hard-rocking guitars, a steady drum beat, and John’s crooning lyrics about his “Heroine.” Turn you speakers or headphones and rock out to this old fashioned Rock N’ Roll tune.

  1. Right Girl

We can expect to hear a few songs from their second LP, Black & White, being their most commercially successful album peaking on the Billboard Top 200 at #16.

  1. Into Your Arms

A fan-favorite and perhaps their most notable song in their discography. They have been known to play a stripped-down acoustic version of this song during their live shows, featuring John playing solo on the piano.

Bonus: Wolf – Beach Weather

Here is the latest single from the opener, Beach Weather.

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