Fresh X: Mumford and Sons "Believe"


Their break is over! Mumford and Sons are back and have promised to lay off the banjo somewhat for their upcoming album, “Wilder Mind” out on May 4th.

I have got to think that fans are going to enjoy this new track “Believe” quite a bit. While it may not have that clichéd banjo-driven jam that’s gained them worldwide loveage, “Believe” certainly lives in the spirit and sound of Mumford and Sons. Those who enjoyed the folk aspect of their earlier music will probably shout “Coldplay!” To that, I would say, “You’re probably are a huge Coldplay fan, so what is the issue? Don’t worry about it.”  I would argue the tribal sounding drums put them closer to what Imagine Dragons pulled off on their leading track “I Bet My Life.”

At the end of the day you will no doubt hear this placed in a Summertime romantic comedy. Come on, Hollywood. Let’s get a “Say Anything” sequel going. You’ve been really great at turning out sequels and remakes as of late. This would be such a great vehicle for this song. Here’s the pitch: Lloyd Dobbler is running a factory in the Mid-West when he falls in love with his new safety inspector and plays this song through a Bluetooth speaker he is holding over his head while standing outside of her dilapidated apartment complex at 2am. When a police officer shoots the middle-aged protagonist mistaking him for a terrorist because he is wearing a trench coat and his Bluetooth speaker looks like a bomb.  Our female interest, we’ll call her Janet, falls in love with him over a blood transfusion she provides, which saves his life and wins the hearts and minds of the factory. There are less accidents on the production floor leading to increased productivity giving Lloyd a promotion and a raise, The extra income affords him a ring for his beloved at the town’s local Jared (I picture Will Ferrel in a delightful cameo as the ring salesman). Quick pitch: think of it as the college textbook/novel, “The Goal” mixed with “Fool’s Gold.” Nick Sparks could write that in his sleep. Get some!

Anyway, enjoy some new music to start your Monday.

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