Obama: “I Am Not The Lead Singer From Korn”

Yeah, when I first saw that I was sure it was a headline from, but sure enough!  It’s an actual quote!

Not that anyone was ever actually convinced that President Obama and Korn’s Jonathan Davis were the same person.  I’ll back up a bit..


president korn



Yesterday there was a Medal Of Honor Ceremony at the White House for Capt. Florent A. Groberg of the U.S. Army.  In 2012, days after being injured in combat, Capt. Groberg woke up in a hospital bed wondering where he was and what was happening.  He just happened to wake up while being visited by Korn frontman, Jonathan Davis.  It goes without saying that pretty much anybody would be confused.


21 august, 2012 - Moscow, Russia - American alternative metal band Korn performing live at Stadium club

I was just going to change your sheets


President Obama opened with this story yesterday, shortly before ruining any sort of conspiracy that our Commander in Chief is actually the lead vocalist in a metal band.  How cool would it be though to hear Obama read the lyrics to Freak On A Leash in his Obama voice..  Maybe one day.


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Salute to Captain Groberg, Here’s the video!


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