Tool Teases Tour

Tool to tour in 2016!

Maynard James and the boys – not to be Dirty Mike and the Boyz from that righteous film “The Other Guys”:

Tool posted this on the Facebook page…a sentence I never thought I would write. Ever.

TOOL TOUR VISIONSSOMETHING WICKED THIS… YOUR WAY COMES!For those of you who only like NEWS about TOOL, here’s…

Posted by Tool on Thursday, November 12, 2015

So that begs the philosophical question, “If Maynard isn’t a fan of his fans and you are a fan do you go?” Yes, you will go. You will buy a shirt you will drink beer and you will transcend space and time to the wicked math-rock. Our generation didn’t have a Pink Floyd or an ELO. Our generation has Tool, fucking Tool.

How long has it been since you listened to “Swamp Song”? It’s been a long-ass time because you have been listening to Lorde and Passion Pit for the last few years. Listen to it now and shout, “Notice me Senpai Maynard, notice me! Let me drink of your wine and watch your stop-motion music videos. I will dance the dervish on my Magic cards to your melody.”

See. Now you will spend the rest of your weekend playing this while sucking down Mountain Dew and Pixie Stix with your good buds:

After that you’ll probably order a few pizzas, put in “Opiate”, order a few more pizzas and go into full LAN battle mode:

“Zug zug” indeed. It’s going to be the best weekend ever!

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