#TBT: Jimmy Fallon Went To Bayside High

Anyone who knows anything about Jimmy Fallon knows that he has been trying to host a Saved By The Bell reunion for years. Like the rest of us (no, I don’t believe anyone who says they’re not a SBTB fan), he is a HUGE fan of the show, and like the rest of us, he lives in a world where he believes that Bayside High should still exist.

What most of us didn’t know is that the reason Jimmy wanted a reunion so bad is because he was once a student at Bayside. He just missed his old friends.

In the clip below we get a glimpse of the short time Jimmy spent at Bayside and why he left in the first place. Watch:

Ok, ok, so we all know Jimmy didn’t really go to Bayside High… But man that video is gold. It is the perfect #TBT for those of us (everyone in the whole entire Universe) who miss Saved By The Bell. Fans (everyone) will recognize the subtle and not-so-subtle hints to some of the show’s most memorable episodes as well as jabs at some of the actors’ roles they’ve played since SBTB went off the air.

If this video wasn’t perfect, it’s only because Lisa and Screech were absent from the reunion. But you barely noticed they were gone because this video was just so so so so so so so good. And if the ending got that all-time epic Zack Attack song “Friends Forever” stuck in your head, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too.

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