What Happened to Bloodhound Gang?

It’s been a long time since “Hefty Fine.”

10 years, actually. What the hell have Jimmy Pop, Evil Jared and the guys been up to? Apparently, they have been hanging out with Joey Fatone of N*SYNC. The Bloodhound Gang posted a song a month ago called “Uncool As Me” laid out with verses of self-depreciation and Molly Ringwald name dropping. I haven’t been this excited since the opposite of when Evil Jared made me smell his fingers.

As a matter of fact, they have been posting new songs for a year. According to Wikipedia:

In February 2014, Jimmy Pop wrote on Twitter that he was recording vocals every day for the album. On August 8, a new single entitled “Chew Toy” was announced, along with a pre-order of the vinyl with a release date of August 19. The song was uploaded to YouTube later that day. It has also been recently announced about five to six songs will be released before the album. A new song “American Bitches” was released on the band’s YouTube account October 20, with a vinyl release date of late December 2014. A third single “Dimes” was released on February 24. “Clean Up In Aisle Sexy” was released May 12 along with remixes by Mike Emilio, M.I.K.E. Push, and Psyko Punkz. In September 2015, a seventh single from the album titled “Uncool as Me” featuring Joey Fatone was released. In a previous Twitter post by Jimmy Pop, it was revealed the album is almost ready.

So we have five tracks from an upcoming album. Can’t wait to have a full album from a band that has been sorely missed.

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