Win $1,000 Every Weekday!

To win this money listen to Radio From Hell  every weekday at 7:05 am. They will tell you the X96 Thousand Dollar Cash Bribe Song and about what time you need to listen for it – give or take 30 min. When you have this key bit of info, write it down, put it in your phone, just don’t forget it. When X96 plays the Thousand Dollar Cash Bribe Song at the appointed time, you call us at 801-359-9696 from Salt Lake County or 877-602-9696 from everywhere else. A random caller will win $1,000!

In case you are a late riser, let us help you out.

Sign up below and, though not required, answer a few questions about the station. In return we will email you the X96 Thousand Dollar Cash Bribe Song and the estimated time it will play each and every day…that is, until we run out of cash.

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