X96 Live and Local Spotlight: The Statuettes


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The X96 Live and Local Spotlight band for May 2015 is The Statuettes. They have been a band since 2008, originally starting our with one member: Michael Gross. Eventually, they evolved into Michael Gross and the Statuettes adding Jimmy Kelly (guitar, keys), Ben Johnson (bass, keys), and Todd Hammond on drums. Mr. Gross sings and play guitars.


Michael was a member of The Brobecks until his departure in 2007. After a brief stint with his side project, Let’s Become Actors, Michael recorded a solo album in the spring of 2008 entitled “Tales From a Country Home.” It was shortly after that The Statuettes were born.


SonicGenThe Statuettes have shared the stage with such artists as The Lemonheads, Miniature Tigers, Milagres, Eve 6, These United States, Alpha Rev, The Audition, Small Pools, and many more. They have also toured around the western United States since the band’s inception. In 2011 The Statuettes signed a music licensing deal with Bleed 101 out of Los Angeles leading to the music featured on  the USA Network, FX Network and the MTV Network.


X96 is excited to have these guys as our 4th Live and Local Spotlight artist. Buy their music and follow them in all the places in social atmosphere.  You can catch them performing with Big Wild Wings on Friday, May 8th at The Club at 50 West. If you were you looking for something you do after the X96 Toyota Big Ass Show, you’ve now found it.

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