10 Random Facts about Todd Nuke 'Em! As Written By Brogan Kelby

Let’s take a moment and talk about our beloved Afternoon Drive Host Todd Nuke ‘Em shall we?  In addition to being a DJ here at X96, he’s also the Program Director.  Essentially everything that happens here is his fault.  But beyond that, what do we know about him?  Truth is, not much is known about the mysterious Nuke ‘Em.  So I reached out to his adopted son Brogan Kelby for a peek behind the scenes at our lovable pal, Todd.

1. He has the weirdest obsession for corn on the cob. The dude will eat 4 whole corn on the cobs as a part of his meal.


Fresh healthy corn on the cob

Which explains the once proposed X96 mascot “Corny”


2. When he gets tired, his body apparently decides it’s only capable of looking through one eye. He has to close the other one. Like Popeye.

3. When he was a kid, he got attacked by a goat while walking down the street. He’s still afraid of goats. Baaaaa.


Businessman with gun looking at goat

I’m really starting to wonder about our stock photo service


4. He secretly loves Nicki Minaj.  (Jon Smith’s note:  It’s not such a secret…)

5. He’s really bad at playing video games. He’ll occasionally try for about 2 minutes… then end up walking away in the middle of it.



Luckily I make up for it when he’s not looking

6. He has a tattoo of a train on the back of his leg.



SEE!!?  Todd REALLY likes trains.

7. He puts WAAAAAY too much seasoning on food. Especially pepper. He sometimes has a little bit of food to go with his pepper.

8. He drives like an old man. He’s always in the far right lane on the freeway… going exactly 65 mph. Can’t be too careful.


Slow Behind the Wheel

Which explains the once proposed X96 mascot “Slowey”


9. He thinks “Schzoopie” is the funniest sounding thing to say. He laughs every time.

10. He hates conflict. He’ll sometimes act all big and tough. Truth is, he’s a teddy bear.


So there you have it!  I think we all have a better understanding of our pal Todd. Now I feel like eating some corn.

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