Here Are Five Weird Things You Can Find In My House

When I started looking around my house for weird things to take pictures of, I was overwhelmed by how many strange objects inhabit my home. Most of them, I know where they came from and I know the story behind them; they are things I or my wife and kids have collected over the years. But some of them, I have no knowledge of. Some of the items in my house came to live there on their own I think. Anyway, here are 5 weird things you can find in my house.

#1. These fighting monsters who live in my upstairs bathroom:


Yep. It’s Godzilla and some other kaiju…my kid would know because he put them there. They are locked in combat on top of the medicine cabinet.

#2. This cross covered with milagros is in the downstairs bathroom:


My wife bought it in Mexico and I stare at it every time I’m standing at the toilet downstairs.

#3. This was also a Mexico purchase, I think. It hangs on the wall over the coffee pot and hopefully makes the coffee better. It’s a shrine to Our Lady of Coffee, I guess:


#4. This is one of my personal favorites. I think it creeps out everyone else in the house and that’s why it remains stashed away in the attic. I really like it. Make of it what you will:


#5. And then this….it’s a turtle’s shell that is also a little purse or container that you can wear around your neck:


It was given to me by Paul Two Bears. Inside the turtle container are three dried kernels of corn, some beads, an arrow head and a small piece of animal fur. Paul told me that this item had been made and blessed by a Native American shaman from a tribe in the Mid-West. I don’t remember what tribe and I don’t remember why Paul wanted me to have it but I do and I treasure it.

Oh, and that thing that is the opening image of this piece; that white globe thing? I’m not sure what that is, but it’s in my house.

Thanks for listening,


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