Is It Time to Bring Back Bully Culture?

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At what point were our brains completely replaced with narcissism? I think we’ve found it and these commentators nailed it! Where did we go wrong? Maybe if we put these ladies on the road to gambling addiction they’d enjoy the game.

Yeah, they are kids and we shouldn’t be too hard on them and the commentators do a great job voicing what most of us are probably thinking. A few years ago a movement to shame bullies grew into a seam of the cultural fabric, but has it gone too far? Malicious, hate-filled language used to induce physical harm needed to be checked and still does. The changes Reddit made regarding hate speech were probably overdue.

Rewarding participation as an achievement as though attempting to doing something were as good as an actual accomplishment measured against the success of others is now an inheritance all first-world egos enjoy. Did we bully the bullies too much? Have we driven public shaming into so much of a commodity that unless we have a reality show about the dumb, petty shit we do it’s meaningless? Has the balance been upset? Do those kids need to get off my lawn? When whatever you’re into is so off-limits to the point it’s beyond criticism, we’ve fulfilled the prophecy of “Idiocracy.” “Ow, My Balls” is basically, “Look, My Face.”

So why the hell did I post this blog? To be a bully? Maybe.

Before I can bully myself by calling myself a bully I put forth this question: how do you relate to this video? Some people will just see teenage girls admiring themselves, a lot and pass it off as, “they’re kids and that’s basically their job.” Others will be filled with anger. They won’t be able to pinpoint where it stems from. Some will see all the food these girls bought and notice how they are stimulating the economy. Some of us will use derogatory terms for these young women. Another take: blaming technology for the rise in self-obsession crossed with a TMZ template wrapped in a carb and gluten-free delusions-of-grandeur tortilla. I’ll just blame the Kardashians like I do everything else.

But first… let us take (lots and lots and LOTS) of selfies.

Posted by 120 Sports on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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