Unprecedented, Immediate Winner of Battle of the Records

Getting Knocked Out

Theme: Favorite song from a Disney Movie

Bill’s Pick – “Eat Until I Die”

Bill’s pick for Battle of the Records is from the Disney animated special “Mickey and the Beanstalk.” Titled “Eat Until I Die.”

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Gina’s Pick – “Baby Mine”

Gina’s Pick for Battle of the Records is Bette Middler’s cover of “Baby Mine” from the movie, “Dumbo.”

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Kerry’s Pick – “Mickey Mouse March”

Kerry’s original pick was the Suburban Legend’s ska cover of “ You’ve Got A Friend In Me” from “Toy Story.” However, since that was from a Pixar movie and not an original Disney movie, it got vetoed. Instead, Kerry picked a cover of “Mickey Mouse March” by Andrew W.K.

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Never before, in the history of Radio From Hell, have we picked a winner this quickly. It could be due to our loyal and attentive voters. It could be due to the massive support we receive from Radio From Hell. But, mostly we picked a winner because Kerry’s isn’t actually from a Disney movie and Gina’s sucks. So, Bill wins!


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