Some stuff on my desk at work….


pic by: me so calm down

So, this is the dancing baby Groot. If you press one button on it, it plays The Jackson 5 and Groot dances. Kinda like he’s using an invisible hula hoop. Press another button, place Groot next to a speaker and he will dance to whatever your listening to. I love it. My wife hates it. Made me bring it to work. Didn’t want it in the house. “It’s creepy. I hate baby Groot.” Maybe because it looks veiny. The only thing I don’t like about it is it says I AM GROOT on the pot. It didnt in the movie. I already know he is Groot. So, dumb. Anywhoo, those Disney figures were given to me by Punk. Anyone (olde) remember the Mold A Rama machines at the Hogle Zoo? Thats what these are, but instead of an elephant or lion..ya get Donald, Mickey spirit guide..Jiminy Cricket. Its that waxy kinda delicate plastic that you worry about crushing if you put the statue in yer backpack. Pretty cool. And last, but not least, my spirit animal, Howard the Duck. These Funko Pop vinyl bobble head figures are very popular right now. I’m not collecting them. I only own three. Howard, Jiminy Cricket and an R2D2 one. He is my spirit droid. Thank you for reading this.

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