Time Wasters at Work January 13, 2015

1. One day, I will be a coxswain

18 Things Only Rowers Understand

2. Star Wars football helmets

3. 36 of the dumbest things ever said online (not just links to Fox News comment sections)

36 Dumbest Things Ever Said Online

4. App of the Week:

Move over Candy Crush – it’s Trivia Crack
Spam your friends and pay for fake lives! All while answering trivia questions.

5. Best Church Apps

LDS Scriptures ($14.99)
– It has tabs, which makes it easy to have a lot of content open and makes it feel like your using an Internet browser rather than an app. Has General Conference talks and shows the video of them as well.
– View hymns with notes and download magazine issues each month.
– Content: Standard works, manuals, hymns, study resources and other guides are included.
The Pope App – Best name for an app. Keep up with the Pope.

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