War is Over! Utah Declares Favorite Condiment.


Condiments…humankind’s obsession. It is in our nature to slosh and slather, to improve rather than simply enjoy our meals. We are unique snowflakes when it comes to mastication.  Upgrade to what you’ve been served really depends on what you’re eating, so it’s obvious that the ones popular on meat and lettuce dishes should be the apparent…(cue Keith Morrison voice) or are they.

Then again, a simple knowledge of the Wasatch culture would assure you could guess your way through this list and be exponentially more accurate then you were at guessing your March Madness bracket.

We polled over 600 Utahns and had them rank their favorite culinary accoutrement. Take your time and really indulge in this list. Perhaps next time you head to your favorite pho establishment you pass up the Sriracha and hoisin and kick a little ranch into that broth.  Rather than fry sauce on that burger drip some Cholula all over that patty (like you haven’t thought of that already). How about some Frank’s Red Hot on that salad rather than a vinaigrette. Pretend it’s college and experiment a little.

Without further ado, here are Utah’s most popular condiments:

1. Fry Sauce – Duh! Try dipping a fry in this then in a milkshake before consuming and make our founders proud.


2. Ranch Dressing – Duh x 2!

3. Ketchup – Fifteen years ago this would have topped the list. It’s all they had.

4. Salsa – Ten years ago this would have been number one.

Homemade Pico De Gallo Salsa and Chips

5. BBQ Sauce – It can make eating tofu even seem like you are eating a steak. It’s a miracle worker and in so many varieties.

6. Honey Mustard – Only eaten by your grandparents until you turned 30. Then suddenly you thought it was a good idea as well.

7. Frank’s Red Hot – You know the slogan. In 5 years this will be number one everywhere but Utah.

8. Mayo – Looking at mayonnaise in any quantity makes you want to hurl, but you put it in the top ten anyway.

tablespoon of mayonnaise

9. Cholula – Bottles are often missing from Café Rio for a good reason.

10. Mustard – …that old chestnut.

11. Tapatio – Same as number 9.

12. Queso – No idea how this made it as a condiment. Way to go, Utah.

Nachos and sauce

13. Tabasco – The first in a line of imitators. It’s pure southern-flavored warmth.

14. Pickle Relish – For dogs, hangaburger sammiches and nothing else.

15. Horseradish – You like it, but most of us weren’t even sure what you put it on.

horseradish sauce

16. Miracle Whip – We were surprised it wasn’t higher on the list.

17. Tartar Sauce – Apparently there are few fish lovers who slather this on their halibut.

Some honorable mentions among the staff were sour cream (how did that not turn up?), mole, A-1, malt vinegar, Arby’s sauce, soy sauce, Dave’s Total Insanity, Veganese (one person mentioned this…she’s been sent to a camp for assimilation) and olive oil.

Good luck out there.

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