10 Celebutard News for January 6, 2015

1. Cameron Diaz Won’t Die an Unmarried Old Crone For She Has Wed, Rejoice!


Photo Courtesy Of GabboT

It finally happened—Sk8er boi Benji Madden made an honest woman out of unmarried celebrity Cameron Diaz Monday night in a tent full of other married celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Nicole Richie and Gwyneth Paltrow.

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2. Saved By the Bell’s Screech Is Going to Trial for Stabbing a Dude


Photo Courtesy Of Daniel Grosvenor

Dustin Diamond posted bail, but he’s not going very far—a judge ruled Monday that he’ll have to stand trial after allegedly stabbing a man with a switchblade over the holidays.

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3. Marlon Wayans Wins Cleveland Lawsuit


Photo Courtesy Of Gage Skidmore

The guy who sued Marlon Wayans for putting his pic on blast and comparing him to “Family Guy” character Cleveland Brown just got thrown out of court … because the shoe fits.

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4. Teresa Giudice Says N-O to Brav-O


Photo Courtesy Of HD Pics

Teresa Giudice played a form of “Let’s Make a Deal” before going to prison … and she ended up losing a huge cash prize.

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5. Mariah signing multimillion-dollar Vegas residency


Photo Courtesy Of KWSW

Las Vegas will be making room for one more diva — we hear Mariah Carey is about to sign a deal for a residency at Caesars Palace.

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6. 2 More Women Join Defamation Lawsuit Against Bill Cosby


Photo Courtesy Of Kenya Allmond

Two Florida women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual offenses decades ago have joined a defamation lawsuit, contending he publicly branded them as liars through statements by his representatives.

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7. Did Leo stand up one model to party with a gaggle of them?












Photo Courtesy Of John Gillespie

Leonardo DiCaprio allegedly stood up Brazilian model Eliza Joenck on her 33rd birthday.

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8. Martha Stewart turned away from Palm Beach power party?










Photo Courtesy Of Michelle

Rumors rapidly spread through Palm Beach on New Year’s Day that domestic diva Martha Stewart had been turned away from the annual Coconuts party — hosted by a group of power players that includes David Koch and Leonard Lauder — the night before.

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9. Good Morning America Takes Kanye-Paul McCartney Jokes Very Seriously


Photo Courtesy Of kubacheck

On New Year’s Day, Kanye West released “Only One,” a piano ballad written and performed in collaboration with Paul McCartney. Yeezus pairing up with the most genial Beatle was exciting if a little befuddling, and several people took to Twitter to make the same joke at Sir Paul’s expense. Good Morning America didn’t get it.

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10. Celebrity Hero Rob Lowe Jumps on Jet Ski, Saves [Zero] in Hawaii


Photo Courtesy Of David Shankbone

David Bowie once famously sang, “We could be heroes forever and ever, what do you say?” This Saturday in Hawaii, Rob Lowe heard his query and, in a way, said “Yes.”

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