If You've Got to Drive in the Snow, Drive in the Snow Like This

Sure, in Utah we have to drive in the snow from time to time. Some people think 4-wheel drive helps them stop faster when in reality it just makes them slam into the back of your hatchback faster. Also, most of us probably can’t afford snow tires, so some slipping is just a fact of life on our streets. Anyone who has ever had to navigate Sardine Canyon in winter conditions knows the true meaning of white-knuckle driving.

So, how could it not be a good idea to take a Nurburgring out for a run in -16 degrees? I am sure this is one of those “don’t try this at home” things, but YOLO, ya know, yo. Anyway, let your inner race car driver out a little and enjoy this clip. Hell, even make some “brrrummmoooommmm brrrrruooommmm” sounds as you watch. Your co-workers will thank you for providing the live entertainment.

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