10 Celebutard News for January 8, 2015

1.BBC Apologizes to Those ‘Offended’ by Rita Ora’s Cleavage


Photo Courtesy Of Fitore Gashi

Rita Ora did not have a nip slip on live TV, nor did she whip out a bare boob in front of a studio audience.

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2.60 MINUTES’ Steve Kroft Apologizes for Extramarital Affair

Steve Kroft

Photo Courtesy Of UCLA Anderson

Now it’s his turn to say sorry. Veteran 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft verified a report on Wednesday, Jan. 7, that he did, in fact, cheat on his wife Jennet Conant with a woman over a period of three years.

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3.ARCHER is Not The New Black: How Season 6 Almost Took Place in Prison [VIDEO]


Photo Courtesy Of Rachel Lovinger

The sixth season of FX’s animated series Archer (premiering Jan. 8 at 10 p.m.) finds the show’s bickering spies back in the espionage game, after spending the previous year trying to sell a metric ton of cocaine. But creator-writer Adam Reed had originally planned to send self-obsessed Sterling Archer, new mom Lana, booze-sodden boss Malory, and the rest of the team to the hoosegow to pay for their crimes.

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Photo Courtesy Of Ana Gremard

FX continues to assemble O.J. Simpson’s “dream team” with big-name actors. John Travolta will star as defense attorney Robert Shapiro in American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, the first installment of Ryan Murphy’s new anthology miniseries, an offshoot of his hit American Horror Story FX franchise.

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5.Three 6 Mafia Rapper WANTED After Allegedly Beating Fiancee


Photo Courtesy Of Allen Lee

Three 6 Mafia rapper Crunchy Black is a wanted man in Minnesota after cops say he beat his fiancée and then thumbed his nose at the judge.

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6.Disney Star Bella Thorne 17-year-old Shakin’ Up Very Big Money


Photo Courtesy Of Neon Tommy

Bella Thorne is best known for starring in Disney’s “Shake It Up” … but to her friends she’s probably now known as the one you hit up for money.

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7.Shia LaBeouf Cage-Battles Dance Moms Child in New Sia Video


Photo Courtesy Of Jennuine Captures

The music video for Australian singer-songwriter Sia’s single “Elastic Heart” has just been released and features star performances from famous Australian dancers Shia LaBeouf and one of the Dance Moms’ girls (fan favorite Maddie). Shia plays 12-year-old Maddie’s father, pet, or love interest, depending on your interpretation of the wild, nearly-nude cage dance the two perform for five mesmerizing minutes.

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8.The 9 ‘American Idol’s Who Time Forgot


Photo Courtesy Of meagan383

Not all “American Idol” winners are created equal. They can’t all be Kelly Clarkson.

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9.Charlie Sheen Explodes On Kim K’s “Giggly Bag of Funk”


Photo Courtesy Of Matthew Straubmuller

Charlie Sheen, a blinding sun of rage that consumes all in its ambit (starting with booze and Taco Bell) has exploded and collapsed on itself once again, this time in the general direction of Kim Kardashian and her “giggly” ass.

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10.TRIPLETS: Josh Gad Gives Update on TWINS Sequel That May Star Eddie Murphy


Photo Courtesy Of Streamy Awards

Actor Josh Gad is blowing up in a big way. From ‘seen him somewhere’ movie roles, to headlining Book of Mormon on stage; starring in the short-lived sitcom 1600 Penn; voicing Frozen’s Olaf and soon starring alongside Kevin Hart in The Wedding Ringer; Gad has been making the right moves to become a known talent.

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