Celebrity News for August 18, 2015

Johnny Depp, Gene Simmons rock together for kids’ charity

Johnny Depp didn’t say a word as he stepped onto a small stage inside the Lucky Strike bowling alley. He just strapped on a guitar and started playing with the band. One song later, Gene Simmons joined in.

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Inside Madonna’s lavish, gypsy-themed 57th birthday bash

Madonna threw a Spanish Gypsy-themed party at her Hamptons mansion on Sunday to celebrate her 57th birthday.

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Tracy Morgan To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ This Fall

On Monday, NBC announced that Tracy Morgan will host “Saturday Night Live” on Oct. 17.


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Darrell Hammond could bring Trump imitation back to ‘SNL’

Current “SNL” announcer Darrell Hammond, who has imitated Trump in the past, could find himself back in the role.

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KFC Ads Get Even Weirder With Norm Macdonald As ‘Real’ Col. Sanders

KFC’s weird ads have just gotten even weirder, with the introduction of a plot twist in the form of comic Norm Macdonald, who claims to be the “real” Colonel Sanders.

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Amber Rose — Victim in Alleged Prostitution Ring

Amber Rose was being used to lure models into prostitution … and she had no idea.


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Constantine Maroulis Arrested for Emailing Baby Mama

Constantine Maroulis has been arrested a second time in less than a week … and both times his own baby mama is the one who put him behind bars.

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Terrence Howard Testifies — I Used to Do Coke and Ecstasy With My Ex-Wife

Terrence Howard said under oath he’s a changed person after divorcing Michelle Ghent, but when they were together he fell into the dark world of drugs.

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Ellen DeGeneres Will Interview Caitlyn Jenner

Premiere week for the NBC daytime talk how will include interviews with US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Caitlyn Jenner, and human rights advocate Malala Yousafzai.

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Kylie Jenner – I’m Putting My Range Rover Out To Pasture

Kylie Jenner has car problems … she’s got so many they don’t fit in her garage, so she’s getting rid of the Range Rover to make way for her new Ferrari and G-Wagon.

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Kylie Jenner paid $200K for 18th-birthday club appearance

Youngest Kardashian Kylie Jenner only just turned 18, but she’s already getting up to $200,000 for an appearance.

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Jon Stewart To Host WWE’s SummerSlam

Jon Stewart has said goodbye to “The Daily Show,” but the 52-year-old isn’t about to slow down.


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@TheFatJewish Is a Thief

Josh Ostrovsky, a.k.a. “The Fat Jew,” has turned a single Instagram account into an online comedy career. But that entire career is based on ripping off other people’s jokes.

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Ex-Affleck Nanny Reportedly Seeking Employment as “The Bachelorette”

Though her alleged romance with Ben Affleck has (allegedly) ended, the Afflecks’ former nanny Christine Ouzounian has not given up on love.

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Morgan Freeman’s Granddaughter — Alleged Murderer Wanted in Cocaine Case

The man accused of fatally stabbing Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter is a wanted man in California … in connection with a coke bust.

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Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter, ‘killer’ looked like happy couple

Friends of Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter and of the boyfriend accused of killing her said Monday that they were blindsided by her grisly sidewalk slaying.

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L.A. Kiss QB — Team Left Me Homeless … And Stole My Wife’s Meds

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley’s arena football team is getting blasted by its own QB … who says the L.A. Kiss kicked him out of his home just because he suffered an injury during a game.












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