Celebutard News – April 14, 2015

Here’s Miley Cyrus Wearing Band-Aid Nipple Pasties

To preserve her modesty while wearing a twee, low-cut romper suit, Miley Cyrus got crafty and made herself some nipple pasties out of what look like gold Band-Aids.

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Bobby Flay asks court to uphold prenup

Bobby Flay’s divorce from Stephanie March is getting even spicier — lawyers for the celebrity chef on Monday filed court papers to uphold their hotly contested prenuptial agreement.

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J.J. Abrams buys rights to Martin Luther King Jr. book

“Star Wars” director J.J. Abrams is coming down to Earth for a project about Martin Luther King Jr. Abrams’ company Bad Robot, which produced “Lost,” has teamed with Warner Bros. TV to buy rights to Tavis Smiley’s 2014 book, “Death of a King,” which details King’s dramatic final year before his 1968 assassination.

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Alex Gibney urges IRS to repeal Scientology’s tax exemption

Filmmaker Alex Gibney has stepped up his war on Scientology by pushing for “a proper criminal investigation” or “congressional subcommittee” to yank the religion’s tax-exempt status.

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A-listers line up for Letterman farewell tour

David Letterman is readying his farewell tour.

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Ireland Baldwin checks herself into rehab

Ireland Baldwin has checked into rehab saying she is suffering from deep “emotional trauma.”

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North West baptized in Israel

North West was baptized in Israel on Monday.

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Pink fires back at fat shamers: ‘I feel beautiful’

They picked the wrong person to fat-shame.

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Man run over by Suge Knight says he won’t ‘snitch’

A man whom Marion “Suge” Knight ran over told authorities he was upset with the former rap music mogul and punched him through the window of the truck before a deadly encounter that left his friend dead.

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Suge Knight Witness Balks On Stand In Murder Case Against Rap Mogul

A key witness in the hit-and-run murder case against Marion “Suge” Knight told a Los Angeles judge on Monday he was reluctant to testify against the one-time rap music mogul, declining even to positively identify him in open court.

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Summer movie box office expected to hit $5B record

It’s going to be a blockbuster summer for Hollywood.

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Madonna’s Greatest Hit Is Herself

At this stage in her career, it seems needless to distinguish between Madonna’s musical output and her stunts.

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Drake was not grossed out when Madonna planted a prolonged lip-lock on him at Coachella Sunday night … his reaction was all about lipstick aftertaste.

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Justin Bieber Placed In Chokehold By Security, Kicked Out Of Coachella: Report

Days after an Argentine judge issued an arrest warrant for his “immediate detention,” Justin Bieber has reportedly landed himself in hot soup again — this time, getting kicked out of Coachella after being placed in a chokehold by security staff.

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Tyler, The Creator disses Kendall Jenner: ‘F–k you!’

This would mortify anyone.

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Justin Bieber Caressed Kendall Jenner at Coachella

Last month, Justin Bieber told USA Today, “I want a girl I can trust, who I can lean on. This business is hard, and I want someone I can confide in.” Who could that girl be?

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