11 Celebutard News Stories for November 25,2014

1.Jennifer Lawrence — I Got Real Pumped …


Photo Courtesy By Jenn Deering Davis

The “Hunger Games” star hit up Pump with her friends and we’re told Lisa Vanderpump hooked JLaw up with the best seat in the house … and then snapped a pic with the group. Read Here

2.Beyonce — 7-Eleven Claims Slurpee Pic Was All Her Idea


Photo courtesy By Hot Gossip Italia

Beyonce was not in cahoots with 7-Eleven when she made her new “7/11” video … so says 7-Eleven. Read Here

3.Halle Berry Takes Ex-BF to Court for Straightening Their Daughter’s Hair


Photo Courtesy By Kevin Tostado

According to TMZ, Berry took Aubry to court this week for trying to make Nahla look “white.” Read Here

4.Robin Thicke I’m Bringing My Super Young Girlfriend Around My Kid


Photo Courtesy By J&R Music World

Robin Thicke must be serious about his new girl … because she’s now hanging out with his kid.Read Here

5.Ryan Reynolds: I’m good with diarrhea


Photo Courtesy By El Hormiguero

“I don’t have a weak stomach,” the soon-to-be dad, 38, told People on Saturday. “I’m good with diapers, diarrhea and all that kind of stuff because I have lots of nieces and nephews, so I’ve done it all before.” Read Here

6.Bette Midler – Ariana, You Don’t Have To Be a Whore


Photo Courtesy By Melissa Rose

Bette Midler just took direct aim and fired at Ariana Grande, telling her she acts like a whore for nothing.Read Here

7.Nicki Minaj freaks out after Iggy Azalea mention


Photo Courtesy By

Nicki Minaj’s latest feud isn’t with another musician — it’s with a reporter. Read Here

8.Carmen Electra-My Stylist Went on $100K Shopping Spree …


Photo Courtesy By

Carmen Electra says her ex-stylist had plenty of style — but zero class — after the woman used Electra’s credit cards to buy herself more than $100K worth of new clothes and accessories. Read Here

9.Demi Lovato Says She Has Nothing In Common With Ex-BFF Miley Cyrus


Photo Courtesy By Focka

Demi announced once and for all during a radio interview this morning that she and Miles are no longer BFFs. They are no longer even Fs. Read Here

10.Chevy Chase was a ‘wreck’ at gala


Photo Courtesy By Jordan Confino

The human guests were nearly as wild as the canine ones at a Humane Society of the United States gala on Friday. Read Here

11.Vanessa Hudgens Stalker — I Want to Marry You


Photo Courtesy By El Hormiguero

Vanessa Hudgens got a restraining order from a man who traveled from Africa to L.A. to marry her.Read Here

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