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Geek News on the Radio October 5th

HBO confirms it’s in early talks to turn DC Comics’ ‘Watchmen’ into a TV series

The reports are true. HBO is indeed seeking a TV series based on the DC comic turned movie “Watchmen” from director Zack Snyder. “Preliminary discussions regarding ‘Watchmen’ have occurred, but we have no additional information, and no deals are in place,” HBO told Business Insider in a statement. Collider broke the news of Snyder’s meetings with HBO but was unable to learn further details about the possible TV series.

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ABC Developing Marvel Universe Comedy Series

ABC is continuing ties with Marvel, this time for a comedy series. The network has bought a script for a half-hour, single-camera sitcom that follows the overworked, underpaid clean-up crew of the Marvel Universe, Variety has learned. Currently titled “Damage Control,” the project landed a put pilot commitment.

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‘Thor 3’ Finds Its Director

Taika Waititi, who co-wrote and co-directed the vampire spoof What We Do In the Shadows, is in negotiations to direct the third installment of Marvel’s Thor movies, titled Thor: Ragnarok. Chris Hemsworth is reprising his role of the Norse god of thunder. Waititi’s emergence as the choice caps off a round of intense meetings that took place over the last month.  Ruben Fleischer, Rob Letterman and Rawson Marshall Thurber were the other directors that were finalists for the gig.

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Sony is reportedly working on an animated Ghostbusters movie

One thing seems certain in the near future: If you’ve got a problem with ghosts, you’ll have a lot of options when it comes to ghost-busting teams. Along with the two live-action Ghostbusters movies in various stages of development, Sony Pictures is reportedly working on adding an animated feature to the mix as well.

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Someone just spent $450,000 on a model spaceship from Star Wars

Setting a new record in the field of “nerds spending good money on fake Star Wars crap,” auctioneers Profiles In History have announced that someone just spent $450,000 on a spaceship model from the iconic 1977 film. Specifically, the craft in question is the blockade runner, the ship carrying Princess Leia and the Death Star plans, which is boarded at the start of A New Hope. (The runner model holds the distinction of being one of the first objects to appear on-screen in the franchise’s history, right after those giant yellow letters that are always floating around in Star Wars space, blocking transit lanes and crashing into planets.)

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‘RED’ Writers Board Sony’s ‘Gran Turismo’ Movie

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