ICYMI U2 With Chris Martin Video

They called themselves U2 Minus 1 for the big (RED) Thank You performance yesterday in New York’s Time Square. Technically, it was 3/4 of U2, since Bono is recovering from surgery after some serious injuries resulting from a bike crash. U2 recruited Chris Martin from Coldplay to handle lead vocals on “Beautiful Day” and “With Or Without You.” Other guest vocalists included Bruce Springsteen in part of their set, and an introduction by Bill Clinton. My favorite part was Chris Martin’s shirt with the word SUBSTITU2 written across his chest. I must say, Martin nailed the vocals on “With Or Without You.”

If you missed the live stream of the concert, the video is posted here.

Since I’m not cool enough to ever meet U2, here is a photo of Bono giving my mother in law a kiss. She’s a flight attendant for Southwest, and he was on one of her flights a few years ago. It’s the closest I’ll ever come to meeting Bono!

u2 and Jean


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