Sleater-Kinney Announce Salt Lake Date

I have never been a fan of Sleater-Kinney. I have their albums and have listened to them all. To my ears their music hasn’t stood out lyrically or musically. Sleater-Kinney sounds dull in tone, artistically monotone, for me. They have been one of those rock bands that only NPR could love. I know, “Hey, Corey, why do you have such distaste for a band with women in it?” It has nothing to do with it. The list of all-male bands I hate far exceeds even the list of cheeses I hate. I really hate cheese. Besides, I would blame my distaste more on being burnt out on whole Pacific Northwest sound that has been churning out a very iconic, but recognizable sound for nearly 3 decades. Sure, historical bands have surfaced, but grunge or bearded music can get tiresome.

Well, give a band some time and time apart and there’s no telling what they will come up with. Their new album, “No Cities to Love” is out late January and comes loaded with an amazing lead single (listen below). The best part is that they have announced a Salt Lake date. Sleater-Kinney will be at The Depot on February 2nd. Nothing like a live show to change one’s impression of a band.

Buy tickets here.

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