TBT: Can I Haz Blink-182 Job?

So now that there’s a space in the band I am going to submit Exhibit A (above): a pic of myself with Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker when I was around 21 or so. We look great together. Now I know how Mark Wahlberg’s character in “Rock Star” felt. You can tell I was coming off my obsession with 311, I think. I could have been right in the middle of it.

And here is another #TBT photo around the same time. It’s what I suspect Tom Delonge’s (he’s the one in backward hat, in case you didn’t know) response would be. Boo, Tom. Boo. Dammit, Tom, I even bought an Atticus hat to be just like you a week after this photo was taken. And now, I am not in Blink-182 either, so in a way I am kind of like you. Hope!



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