Top 5 Ways You Can Listen To Taylor Swift… And Get Away With It

It’s that time of year again: that sweet, sweet ring of new Taylor Swift songs pulsing through everyone’s speakers… and I do mean everyone. Even you tough guy, with your cut above your lip from “that one pit” and your closet still full of stud belts and hot pink shirts. We all know you were actually quite ecstatic when you found out “1989” wasn’t going to be on Spotify. Not because you couldn’t listen to it; oh no, we both have the YouTube playlist bookmarked. It was just the fact that we no longer had to turn on “Private Session” and pray to all the Gods that it didn’t randomly turn off. The shit storm of torments that would come from your friends when they saw “Shake It Off” on your feed would rival that of Matt and Treys obsession with Saddam… even though we all knew they were doing the exact same thing… jumping on their beds… in their underwear.. when no one was home.

Now, with my creepy obsession with Taylor Swift, I also have a mild obsession with covers. To the point that I have every Punk Goes… whatever memorized by heart, but who’s counting? I will admit there is a lot of crap on those albums, but there have been a couple of gems that have rolled off them as well. As I was listening to these albums one day, I came across a song on Punk Goes Pop: Vol 4. It was quite a nice cover of “You Belong With Me” by For All Those Sleeping. While I really enjoyed this, it left me wanting more T-Swift covers, like after you eat just one pistachio. So I did a little searching, and there are quite a few amazing covers of songs that our favorite tall blonde wrote.

So here they are, the top 5 ways you can listen to our girl Taylor Swift and have plenty of your dignity and friendships left over.
“We Are Never Getting Back Together” – Abandoned By Bears

“Blank Spaces” – I Prevail

“I Knew You Where Trouble” – We Came As Romans

“The Story of Us” – July

“22” – Cambridge

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