Utahns Now Allowed To Taste Whiskey

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It seems the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is going to let Utahns taste whiskey for the purpose of education and science. High West Distillery in Park City have been granted a permit to offer taste testing at the end of their distillery tour. This means you can sip on whiskey, legally, rather than chug it like a Gatorade after the Ragnar, which was the only legal way to drink Whiskey in Utah before today. Don’t forget your monocle and to get that pinky in the air while sipping, you savages!

High West will provide free tours, but you will still have to pay for the whiskey tasting at the conclusion. Also, your kids can’t watch you sample the beverages in a responsible manner…or any manner, really (one of the stipulations). Don’t worry though, you can go home and crack a bottle of 151 and pound it in front of Junior (not recommend by this blogger) any given time you like. I suppose it’s good to know a guy’s home is still his castle  – kids be damned.

And since we are now allowed to flourish in a new form of debauchery, I’ve found a video to make sure your experience is tip top:

If you’ve been curious to take a tour (now that your taste buds can enjoy what only your eyes and ears could before) you really should. I have been once and the folks at High West are not only very smart about their spirits, but quite nice as well. And they make a damn fine product in my opinion. Campfire Rye and Valley Tan (with good ol’ Porter Rockwell starring at your from the label) is quite nice as well.

The Kimball/Park City Arts Festival is going on this weekend as well. It could be a good time to give it a go.

The distillery is located at 703 Park Ave in Park City, Utah.

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