Will Big Adults Drink Mini Bottles in Utah Again?


Back in the day you would order a drink at your favorite drinking place and they’d pass you a glass of Coca-Cola and a novel, little, tiny bottle of your requested libation. It was the way of Utah’s now forgotten private clubs. Then something happened: all the drinkin’ spots got themselves some fancy booze clickers that metered the hooch. Those little bottles disappeared so fast from Utah that they became little else than something to gawk at when you traveled out of state. “Ooooo look at the little bottle of Bombay Sapphire. It’s so precious!” Have you ever been to a mini-bottle pinata party? No? Me either, but I bet it’s great.

According to the report Fox 13 posted, there’s nothing illegal about selling these bottles in Utah. They just don’t unless you’re an airline or hotel. Supposedly, you can order them by the case through the DABC. However, things could change thanks to Layton’s Hive Winery. They want to sell their brandy in such sized containers. It’s that one catalyst that could open the gates to mini bottles appearing on Utah Liquor Store State shelves. The DABC is sending it off to the state legislature, which could mean this is really a non-starter, but hey, it’s Utah. Sometimes we get surprised.

What’s the big hub-bub with these little bottles though? Is it the sneakiness? Is is the fact that selling a huge bottle of booze makes less sense than selling someone a tiny bottle? Is it because the second we step out of state we see things we can buy while we are at home? No, I suspect it’s because they are so damn cute. I mean look! It’s little Cuervo!

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