X96 Face/Off: Round 4 – Planned Parenthood vs. Herbert


Think very careful about how you answer. Your junk could depend on it.

First, Utah’s own governor Gary Herbert pulled the funding for Planned Parenthood. Then hundreds of people in pink shirts (much like the people in the photo below) and let people know they “#istandwithpp.” I couldn’t find a snazzy hashtag for Gub Herb, but I am willing to take suggestions. While the right shouts “baby killers” and the left shouts “keep your hands off my body” there will be many people who suffer without the services Planned Parenthood provides. Everyone that lives and breathes should support the STI testing they do, let alone all the health services they provide to women and men alike. They educate people about their bodies and if you are against that, well, I am not sure what your deal is.


One thing is certain, this is a hot debate and is setting up to get even warmer. This morning a U.S. District Court Judge slapped a restraining order on the Governor’s defunding of Planned Parenthood, reinstating federal funding. This is great news for people who need these services, but not for those crusading for votes on this emotional topic. In 1997 the Hyde Amendment was passed that barred any federal funding from going to abortion unless it was rape, incest or other very defined cases, but with some videos leaked placing Planned Parenthood in some extremely unflattering light and the entire debate has blown wide open, but of course it did. We are heading into an election year. So who do you think wins this battle: Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert or Planned Parenthood? Vote below.

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