The 11 Best Board Games From Your Childhood

Who doesn’t love a good board game? From as early as most of us can remember, we’ve been playing all types of board games. When we were young we played games like Cooties. When we got a little older, Monopoly was a staple (By the way, nobody plays Monopoly right. Nobody. Read the rules. I’ll write more on that another time.). Life gave us hope that if we took the right path, we could be doctors or lawyers or even obtain celebrity status.

Here’s our list of the best 11 board games from your childhood. Games listed in random order… except for #1.

Did we miss any?

11. Battleship

Even better than you remember, this game still causes older brothers to kick their younger brothers out of the room.

10. Crossfire

This game was an epic battle… until you lost all the marbles about a week after you got it.

9. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Not only was this one of the greatest movies from your childhood, the board game was pretty awesome too. Especially the spaceship you got to fly away when you won.

8. Domino Rally

Ok, so I’m not sure this qualifies as a board game per se, but it was still awesome.

7. Fireball Island

If you didn’t have this game, you wanted it so bad. Especially after seeing this awesome commercial. “I’m dog meat!”

6. Guess Who

Remember all the goofy looking faces on this game? Unfortunately, the game cards did not actually talk.

5. Hungry Hungry Hippos

From the very first moment you opened this game you meant business. Your hippo was hungry, and you were going to feed it. Even if it meant killing one or two of your siblings. Which color hippo was your favorite?

4. Mouse Trap

Probably the most complicated game you had as a child. In fact, you probably only played it once or twice after you got it because it was such a pain to set up. The commercial made it look so awesome though… plus that kid in the spot looks an awful lot like a young Matthew Lawrence.

3. Stuff Yer Face

This game was hard, but you couldn’t stop playing it. Probably because you assumed you could get better at it over time. You probably didn’t. Couldn’t find the commercial for this one, but here’s a video of some guys playing the game (maybe a little NSFW for language):

2. Perfection

POP GOES PERFECTION! This game was really fun and really stressful. One time I had a babysitter who convinced me and my brothers to take turns trying to win this game after spinning around until we were dizzy. We never could do it.

1. Operation

I think I may still have anxiety from this game. I mean, the guy’s life was in your hands and if you didn’t take out all of his guts and bones his nose was going to explode! I still remember that feeling in my gut every time I messed this one up.

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