Coldplay Honors WW1 for Veterans Day

It’s kind of a shame that World War One does not get any sort of attention anymore.  What was once considered to be the “War to end all wars” has been reassigned to “The War that didn’t have the Nazis”. Or in my case “The War that they never show on the History Channel”


“We had bitchin’ hats in 1916”

But this year Coldplay is putting a stop to that by honoring veterans of World War One in their new video for “All Your Friends.”  The band is not shown in the clip at all.  Instead, it’s made up entirely of archival World War One footage, from shots of soldiers marching in formation to scenes of destruction on the battlefield and at sea.  The video ends with the message, “In memory of all those from all nations who fought in the First World War.”  It comes just as the U.K. celebrates what the call “Remembrance Day”  this past Sunday, and we here in The ‘Merica know as Veterans Day.



This is Coldplay, or as I call them..  well.  Coldplay.

“All Your Friends” was originally a bonus track on the deluxe edition of the group’s latest album, “Ghost Stories.”  The video will be included on the upcoming CD/DVD package “Ghost Stories Live 2014,” which is due out November 24th.

Say what you will about them, but I think that’s pretty badass.

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