This Is (Or Was) Surely Someone's Mother

My wife likes to thrift-shop and she finds all kinds of bargains at Deseret Industries and the other thrift stores around town. I wear jeans from the thrift store and some shirts too. I have a lamp on my desk at work that she got me at the thrift store. She get all kinds of great stuff at great prices, so we save money and it helps the environment too by re-using things rather that  being a part of the disposable society.

Well, the other day Mrs. Bill brought home the picture you see above from the thrift store and said, “isn’t this a beautiful frame?” Her intention was to use the frame for one of our family pictures. But I looked at the woman in the frame and said, “we can’t do that. Look at her. That’s someone’s mother and grandmother. Someone who really loved her put her in that frame.”

My wife agreed. How she ended up in the thrift store, we’ll never know but we’ve been unable to take her out of her frame since she brought the picture home. So, we put her up on our mantle from time to time in the living room or on the side board in the dining room and if anyone asks we just say it’s a great grandmother from the polygamist side of the family that we didn’t want forgotten.

Thanks for listening.

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