10 Celebutard Stories for November 11th, 2014

1.Robin Williams-Dementia Hallucinations Triggered Suicide


Photo Courtesy by Ron Henry

TMZ has obtained documents showing Williams was struggling with the disease, which is marked by abnormal protein deposits in the brain that disrupt normal function.Read Here

2.Joan Rivers received double dose of anesthesia


Photo Courtesy by David Shankbone

The Upper East Side doctors who performed the ill-fated throat procedure on Joan Rivers never weighed her to determine how much anesthetic she should receive — and their clinic’s computer indicated she got a huge dose, according to a federal report released Monday. Read Here

3.Federal Inquiry Finds Joan Rivers’ Doctors Made Series of Serious Errors


Photo Courtesy by Steve Rhodes

A federal investigation revealed that the doctors who operated on Joan Rivers made several egregious mistakes during the surgery that ultimately ended her life. Read Here

4.Jay Z drops $200 million for stake in champagne company3188260349_97df079a5c_o

Photo Courtesy by Anders Adermark

The hip-hop mogul snapped up the brand to beef up a Roc Nation liquor portfolio that also includes D’Ussé cognac. Read Here

5.Justin Bieber – I’ll Paint Walls and Move Desks


Photo Courtesy by Adam Sundana

Justin Bieber will satisfy his community labor requirement in the egging case by working for MusiCares … a foundation that helps musicians struggling with health, addiction and other issues … Read Here

6. Kelly Osbourne upset after ‘Today’s Joan Rivers’ questions


Photo Courtesy by Eva Rinaldi

Kelly Osbourne was upset following a Monday appearance on “Today” after she begged producers not to include questions about her late E! colleague Joan Rivers during an interview.Read Here

7. Cranberries Singer Allegedly Attacked Flight Attendant, Headbutted Cop


Photo Courtesy by Chris

The Cranberries—an Irish band you may remember for the song “Linger,” but which has a wealth of other great songs, too!—are fronted by singer Dolores O’Riordan. According to the BBC, O’Riordan allegedly attacked a flight attendant and a police officer on Monday.Read Here

8. Neil deGrasse Tyson Was Pretty Happy With ‘Interstellar’


Photo Courtesy by Moyan Brenn

A lot of people had problems with the science presented in Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar,” but not Neil deGrasse Tyson. Read Here

9. Judge: Rihanna Stalker Is a “Ticking Time Bomb” Like John Lennon Killer


Photo Courtesy by junninhofletr

On Friday, a New York City judge ordered 54-year-old Kevin McGlynn to stay away from Rihanna’s home after he was caught “lurking” around her Manhattan apartment. Read Here

10. ‘The Voice’ Singer Busted for DUI – Schlitz Happens


Photo Courtesy by TOM81115

“The Voice” contestant Delvin Choice is influenced by R&B legend Usher, and cops say he’s also influenced by drugs or alcohol … because Choice got busted for DUI.Read Here

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