Gone. They're All Gone. I Miss Them, Don't You?

I’ll start this off by talking about the Zephyr Club because I look at it almost everyday. It’s right across the street from our studio and I just walked over and took the photo you see above a couple of days ago. How many great shows did you see at the Zephyr? Maybe you saw Widespread Panic there, or Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. The Spin Doctors, The Church, The Fixx, Drive By Truckers, The Flaming Lips, Kings of Leon, Little Feat, Morrisey, and a show that I really remember as being just the best…Warren Zevon who said he loved comming to Salt Lake City because his aunt lived here. And now, there it sits, dead since November 2003. What shows did you see there?

And then there was Club DV8. I remember it very well because it was right next to X96’s first Salt Lake studio on West Temple. Kerry Jackson and I used to DJ there on some Friday and Saturday nights. I saw some great shows there and most of all I remember DV8 because it’s where I first laid eyes on my wife. She was wearing a silver neoprene bustier and dancing with another woman and….well, anyway.

Here’s a link to Bill Frost’s City Weekly Blog about the demise of Club DV8:

And here’s our very own Todd Nuke ‘Em in Slug Magazine:

The Zephyr and DV8; I miss them, don’t you? And what of the others? What of The Bar and Grill, The Palladium, Port ‘O Call, The Dead Goat, and more? How about restaurants? Which ones have vanished that you miss? Eibos at Trolley Square? Eat-A-Burger? Bill and Nada’s? Let’s discuss. If you have pictures, share them and we’ll do more later.

Thanks for listening.

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