I could not think of anything to write, so I had my toddler blog for me


At the tender age of 36, I’ve already realized that my 16-month-old daughter knows more about technology than I do.

Despite my age, and nerdiness I’ve never grasped the tech and gadget world.  I don’t play video games, I can barely use my iPhone to make phone calls, and I had the neighbor come and set up my WiFi for me.  (Thanks, Brandon!).  So when the cats from our web dept. said, “Hey Jon!  You should write a blog for the x96 website” I said “Sure!” But I’ll be damned if I could not think of anything to write about.


I got nothin’

So with a deadline looming, I turned to my 16-month-old, Scarlett for help.  Here’s what she came up with..


sssssssssssshafmkllnkmlnkmlklklkklllllllllllllllllllllllllllllklaklakll mwqjkbjkbhjhbmnkm,kmj


aaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnandbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbaas bas bab baaaaaaaa



Don’t worry, Dad. I deleted your search history.

She was on a roll, but the dog barked.  So she obviously had to go check that out.  I mean, that shit’s important.

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