A Lovely Gift From A Lovely FOP

FOP (Friend Of The Program) Ivy (aka Ivona Tinkle) stopped by the show this morning during our broadcast at the Broadway Theater for the Salt Lake Film Society. Ivy has a little store up the street called Boozetique (315 Broadway). I think you can guess from the name of the store and from the item pictured above what she sells at Boozetique. If you need cocktail accessories this is the place to go. Also in the store, E3 Modern; Hifi Vacuum Tube audio equipment made by Ivy’s husband. Ask her to put a record on for you if there isn’t one playing and turn it up. Oh, and remember; there is a State Wine and Liquor store just around the corner from Boozetique. And, there’s a car wash right next door if you find you’re feeling a little muddy.

Thanks for the gift Ivy.

Thanks for listening.

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