The Perfect Fall Playlist


Coffee, scarf, headphones? It’s okay, you can get a bit emo. It’s Autumn.

The Autumn season is in full swing. So, while you dawn on your favorite flannel, watch the rain fall, stroll through cornfields, carve pumpkins, jump around in piles of leaves, enjoy the football season and throw back pumpkin spice everything, you’re gonna need a soundtrack to do it with.

The season of melancholy reflection, chill air, brilliant colors, and pumpkin spices needs the right introspective tunes to put you in the mood. So  please consider our list of the following fifteen songs that will make you wish it were fall forever.

1. “R.I.P. 2 My Youth” – The Neighbourhood

The lead single of their new album Wiped Out (released 10/30), The Neighbourhood stick tried and true mix of dark indie and atmospheric hip-hop. The mix of the two styles make it a song you can either chill out to or put in your car and cruise around with.

2. “Unsteady” – X Ambassadors

Re-released on their debut album, VHS, X Ambassadors add a more soulful and sulky touch on their songwriting with this one. Led by a strong percussion groove, this track can mellow you out while also having you nod your head in respect. You can catch the X Ambassadors at our Half Ass Show on September 24th. Tickets and details here.

3. “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” – Cage The Elephant

Let’s break away from melancholy with this familiar oldie from Cage The Elephant. A perfect track for your morning commute or driving around town and admiring the fall colors.

4. “Wait, Wait, Wait” – Northern Faces

Off their debut self-titled LP, Northern Faces presents a fun blend of dance with a little bit of southern rock. Turn it up, put it in the background of your workplace, coffee shop, at home, or whenever and relax in the good vibes of this song.

5.  “Heartbroken, In Disrepair” – Dan Auerbach

Driving rock beat with a slight melancholy grit, Dan Auerbach delivers everything you come to love from The Black Keys but with more of an edge and emotion.

6. “Sad Heart Of Mine” – Caspian

The calming, introspective single from Massachusetts’ Instrumental Post-rock group, Caspian, practically begs for you to listen to it in your headphones while watching the rain fall. If you want more from this band, their new album, Dust & Disquiet, drops on Sept. 25 and they will be at the Urban Lounge on October 2nd. Tickets here.

7.  “Awake” – Tycho

While we’re on the subject of introspective instrumentals, check out this chilling track from Tycho. The atmosphere of it all will leave you feeling like you’re floating on air, high above it all. Also the perfect song to put in the background of your fall activities.

8. “Permanent Sunlight” – No Devotion

From the UK’s latest dark, moody rock outfit, No Devotion, comes this larger than life song “Permanent Sunlight.” The blend of bright synths with jangly guitars and energetic vocals portrays a grand uplifting anthem that will carry your spirits through the lack of sunlight. This comes from their debut album, Permanence (out 09/25).

9. “Steps” – Handsome Ghost

Handsome Ghost presents a blend of folk with soothing electronics in “Steps.” Perfect for the background of any gathering or a well-deserved spot on your night drive soundtrack.

10. “Bloom” – Odesza

Similar to Tycho, Seattle’s Odesza provides soothing ethereal electronics with a driving beat to back up the soaring melodies. Imagine yourself driving through downtown on a rainy while blasting this one.

11. “Stranger Ways” – Anberlin

On Anberlin’s last album, Lowborn, they explored a darker sound similar to bands like Depeche Mode, The Smiths, & The Cure. That becomes very evident on “Stranger Ways.” Ghostly atmosphere, haunting guitar reverb, and Stephen Christian’s vocal – what could be better?

12. “The Purpose We Find In Our Voices” – Eidola

Salt Lake City’s very own Eidola filled this beauty of a song with sweeping/swelling guitars, building percussion, all riddled with spoken word. The only way to do this one justice is to put it on your headphones and give it your full attention.

13. “The Bells” – From Indian Lakes

Beautiful acoustic track that deserves a slot in your night time playlist. Have it echo through your house or your car during your commute. You’ll thank us later.

14. “Quarterback” – Kopecky

This fun quirk-rock jam is perfect for fans of Family Of The Year and Foster The People. Lighten the mood by putting this song in background of your tailgates and other fall outings.

15. “Somebody” – Jukebox The Ghost

We’ll end on a positive note with Jukebox The Ghost’s “Somebody.” This dance-rock number will be ideal during a sunny fall afternoon. Put it on and crank it up.

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