Red Bull Owes You Red Bull

And no wings were given that day.

Apparently the performance enhancing properties of Red Bull have come into question within our justice system. While Red Bull has maintained their advertising has been truthful they want to make the litigation go away. It’s like when your mom won’t shut up about eating your peas and you sue her over the definition of peas….maybe.

Either way, Red Bull have agreed to give those who have purchased Red Bull between 2002 and October 3rd of this year either $10 in cash or $15 in Red Bull. If you felt, after years of drinking Red Bull, you have not been given wings you should click here and file your claim. There are deadlines though, so if you are feeling lazy just drink a Red Bull then get it filled out and filed.

Be aware it could take a while as there is another hearing scheduled in May of 2015 to approve the settlement. If approved it could take as long as 149 days to get that sweet cash or sweet liquid.

Let’s wait together over a Red Bull. Red Bull. Red Bull. Red Bull.

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