Steve-O, Duct Tape, and Fireworks

It’s a good day at the Radio From Hell when an original Jackass stops by.


Steve-O – from Jackass, WILDBOYZ, and Dancing With The Stars fame – came by to talk to RFH about comedy, life, soberness, and all things related to being one of the most famous, self-made stunt men. Watch the whole interview below.

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One of the things Steve-O talked about was his recent Balls To The Wall stunt where he recreated his “duct taped to the wall” photo and let his friends shoot fireworks at him. Here’s the video (probably NSFW):

The best part about all of this is Steve-O is in town for the next few days performing at Wiseguys in West Valley. For the full schedule and to get your tickets, click HERE.

For more about Steve “Steve-O” Glover, read his bio HERE.

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