10 Celebutard News Stories for November 10th, 2014

1.Beyoncé and Jay Z Allegedly Moving to France to Have Sex for a Year


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Beyoncé and Jay Z are allegedly planning on spending next year living in a French chateau, where they “hope to conceive their second child.Read Here

2.Robin Williams Was Sober When He Died


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Robin Williams had no alcohol or illegal drugs in his system when he died on August 11, according to details released by the Marin County coroner yesterday and reported by ABC News.Read Here

3.NOFX Singer — Beaten Fan Gets Revenge … AND IT’S EPIC!


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Revenge is a dish best served cold … and if you’re the dude who got kicked in the head by NOFX lead singer Fat Mike — it’s best served by kicking the crap out of the punk rock legend.Read Here

4.Robert Plant ripped up $800M Led Zeppelin reunion contract


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He and the other living founding members of legendary hard-rock band Led Zeppelin were about to ink an $800 million contract with Virgin Atlantic billionaire Richard Branson to play a reunion tour, but the iconic band’s singer ripped the contract to shreds in the final moments, a report said.Read Here

5.Matt Damon Confirms ‘Bourne’ Return For 2016


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“Yes, next year,” Damon told E! about when the new Bourne film will begin production. Read Here

6.Angelina Jolie Plunks Down Thousands for Brad Pitt Wedding Present … Hemingway’s Typewriter!



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Angelina Jolie put down thousands of dollars on the last typewriter Ernest Hemingway used before killing himself … a $250,000 wedding gift for Brad Pitt … Read Here

7.Britney Spears First Selfie With Her New Man



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Like all attractive young things in the beginning of a relationship, Britney Spears and her new man Charlie Ebersol snuggled up together, held the camera high, and then posted that ish to Instagram. Read Here

8.Queen singer backed out of Michael Jackson duet over chimp


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Monkey business got in the way of an all-time great musical collaboration.

9.Jeremih Was Allegedly Out of Control at Fuddruckers


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Jeremih, the R&B singer known for “Birthday Sex,” caused quite a scene at a Montana Fuddruckers.Read Here

10.Macaulay Culkin Makes Light Of Death Hoax With Twitter Photo



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Macaulay Culkin doesn’t seem to be too upset about falling victim to a recent death hoax.Read  Here

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