Time Wasters at Work, January 6th

1. This website did my job for me.

  • Playing games on Google
  • Liking Facebook posts
  • Scrolling aimlessly through social media
  • Google Earth and Street View
  • Watching cat videos on YouTube
  • Time-wasting games
  • Reading pointless articles about wasting time on the internet
Bonus! College credit

2. 64 things every geek should know

If you consider yourself a geek, or aspire to the honor of geekhood, here’s an essential checklist of must-have geek skills like
  • How to Hot Wire a Car
  • Increase Wifi Range
  • Surf the Web Anonymously
  • Crack a Wifi Password

3. 17 futuristic inventions

From virtual reality stores to the Smart Dictionary.

4. Can you make it through this without getting your mind blown?

Do you know how to eat a cupcake the RIGHT way? How do pineapples grow?

5. Best Apps of 2014

Vine and Twitter, if you don’t have it already, check out why you should!

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