I Went To Church and It Didn't Hurt A Bit.

Last December Radio From Hell worked hard to raise money for The Road Home homeless shelter (as we will again this December 18th and 19th). As part of that effort we had Believers and Non-believers pledge money. If the Non’s pledged more, Richie would have to go to the Atheist convention in town this spring. If the Believers came through, I would have to go to church. You Believers won and this past Sunday I finally fulfilled my part of the bargain and went to the Liberty Stake 8th Ward of the LDS Church in downtown Salt Lake.

The picture above was taken by the Bishop of the Ward, Jay S. Wimmer who was very nice and very welcoming. That’s me and Richie.  I hadn’t been to a Mormon service in years, but I must say it all felt very familiar and comfortable. Things haven’t changed much, except there are people of color there now. One woman gave testimony in an African language. Certainly not what I would have seen and heard as a boy in the Ben Lomond Stake, Ogden 4oth Ward where I grew up.

Thanks to Richie for taking me and thanks to the members of the 8th Ward for making me feel so comfortable.

And, thanks to you all for listening.

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