My Drunk Kitchen Becomes My Stoney Kitchen

The ever-lovable and charming Hannah Hart (I have a crush – my first and only YouTube star crush), host of “My Drunk Kitchen” had some help over the hotplate from Sarah Silverman. In case you aren’t familiar with “My Drunk Kitchen” the super sweet and innocent Hannah Hart drinks booze to a certain degree of inebriation and cooks. This particular episode substitutes cups of rum by partaking in some kind bud. We certainly aren’t saying you should drink or use drugs while cooking, but getting all stoney-baloney makes more sense while cooking than drinking does. We all know how smokers love to munch.

You’d think they’d make mac n’ cheese with Fritos or bubble gum stew, but no. They make a veggie pot pie. “Pot” pie. Get it? Now stop laughing and start watching.

In case you aren’t familiar with the affable Hannah Hart here is one of her classic webisodes of “My Drunk Kitchen.” Never forget to butter yo shit!

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