X96 Live and Local Spotlight: King Niko

In this, our first edition of Live and Local Spotlight, we chose a band who has been on the Utah scene for roughly six years. They have played shows with Neon Trees, Panic! at the Disco and 30 Seconds to Mars to name a few. They’ve played birthday parties, Idaho bars, Liquid Joe’s, Bar Deluxe, and have even graced the X96 Big Ass Show.


King Niko: Ben Moffat, Reid Laitinen, Tim Rawcliffe, Ransom Wydner, Whil McCutchan

King Niko’s roster is Ransom Wynder on vocals, Tim Rawcliffe on bass, Ben Moffet playing guitar, Whil McCutchan on drums and Reid “Lightning” Laitinen tickling the keyboards. The band has been through additions and line-up changes over their time, but are confident as they work on new music.  They know their band’s mission, how it should sound and are extremely happy with the human resources currently in place to do it.

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In 2011 they won the Salt Lake City Weekly CMA’s which really put them on Utah’s musical lineup for bands people will come out to see. From that victory they have recorded an album, toured and played all over. You can see them perform at Urban Lounge this Saturday night in a show presented by Salt Lake City Weekly.

We had King Niko in at Club 50 West to play us a couple songs then met up with them at Uptown Music in downtown Salt Lake City where they are currently working on new material (along with many other bands that could very well be featured on X96 Live and Local Spotlight in the future).

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Enjoy getting to know King Niko and support local music – go see some shows!

*Some NSFW language.

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Follow King Niko on Facebook.

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If you would like to submit to be a part of Live and Local Spotlight all the details are found here . X96 will be featuring a differing local band each month and can’t wait to hear from you.

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