You're Out For a Walk and See This…

Some folks were out filming a project for school in New Zealand when they noticed these two people, according to Viralnova:

They appeared to be two young people, one male, one female, both wearing bizarre masks to hide their identity. As they emerged closer, the camera noticed that both were armed. Watch as the nefarious looking twosome slowly notices the camera.

No big deal. Hockey masks and armed while standing in a field don’t make you creepy. It makes you f#@king insane! At that point did these kids put the camera down and start cleaning their shorts?

Police in Auckland responded via social media asking the masked pair to turn themselves in, which they supposedly did according to Daily Mail:

In an update on Thursday, they revealed the masked park pair are ‘currently speaking with our officers at Auckland Central after having made contact with Police mid-afternoon.

There is no word if it was a hoax or if these people are crazy-ass murders. I am glad we aren’t near New Zeland.

In response, with my insomnia in full-effect, I made a strange video in response using some footage from a BBQ I was at last Summer. The footage was harmless enough. Just tossing an axe at a tree. You know, that old chestnut. It features a pop song played backwards and Keanu Reeves muttering lines from the film “John Wick” in the background. It’s odd, maybe even avant-garde, but not nearly as terrifying as these two wackos in the video above. Hell, my odd video might actually make you less creeped out and prevent a night terror even though there is a guy throwing an axe in it. At least there are no masks involved.

Anyway, I hope you have a more bizarre day than you would have otherwise by clicking the link that lead you to this page.

Keep SLC weird, just not homicidal.


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