15/2015 Spring Songs You Must Hear


It’s spring time. You’ll fall in love. You’ll do some cleaning. You’ll want a tan. You’ll want some fresh music and this year is a busy one. To help you narrow things down I assembled a playlist of some spring releases I have been listening to non-stop (even if some aren’t directly spring releases). Note: you can scroll down to listen to all 15 picks if you like.

I look forward to hearing what Conor Oberst, known to most through Bright Eyes, puts forth with on the third Desaparecidos album. It has always been his more aggressive project and that’s saying something. Hot Chip are always the most interesting geeks making music. Alabama Shakes probably put out the album of 2015. It’s a soaker and they are playing Red Butte on August 4th. The Health song is pretty interesting if you are looking to push your musical boundaries a little. MS MR…well, I am fascinated with Lizzy Plapinger, though I hope their album isn’t filled with songs about how she’s been done wrong.  The new Purity Ring album, “Another Eternity” (in town on May 18th) could have the most underrated album of the year and remixed to death…mostly for the worst.

Of course, I put on some songs from bands you probably do know who have had some big spring releases: Brandon Flowers, Death Cab For Cutie and Modest Mouse that you are likely to hear as Deep X Cuts on X96 rather than as singles.

To round out some aggression from the sensitive nature of how music is trending with a 90’s personal favorite, Local H is also playing Salt Lake at Urban Lounge on May 18th (the same night as Purity Ring – cruel fate). Royal Blood will also be playing Salt Lake the same night, May 27th, as Chromeo is at up at Red Butte, so pick your poison there. I will take Royal Blood on that one. Their Coachella set was reminiscent of DFA 1979.

Enjoy the twitterpation.

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