A Pregnant Woman Eating Pickles Reviews: Death Cab For Cutie "Kintsugi"

Pregnant Woman Eating Pickles

Depositphotos_1014624_mOkay, so my hubby is at work, but, be the caring person he is left me a jar of pickles and the new Death Cab For Cutie album. He is such a good guy. He works three jobs to keep me in pickles until our miracle arrives. I’m such a lucky woman. Anyway, I was 5 pickles in before I popped this album into the Discman. I had to dig through like, one-hundred mis-labeled boxes in the attic for it because rather than just loading the music onto my phone, my overly romantic, hard-working, but barely thinking husband bought a CD. Who does that? Country music fans? Gross.

So, to put myself in the mood to get into Mr. Gibbard’s headspace I started put “The New Girl” on Netflix with the sound muted before venturing into “Kintsugi’s” first track, “No Room in Frame.” This reminded me that my husband, who is currently ringing up large quantities of soda, cigarettes, vaping juice and beer to college kids on their way to the year’s final powder day up Little Cottonwood Canyon while I wander this house waiting to give birth so I can have a glass of red wine,  has not yet finished framing our forthcoming cherub’s room. Perhaps I should have married Mr. Gibbard: poet and, no doubt, provider extraordinaire!

Drowning KidThe album is called, “Kintsugi” and from what I have read in my many hours of lounge-time, it’s the Japanese art of breaking pottery and then putting it back together only to admire the cracks and blemishes. I am not sure if there is a hidden message from my Mr. Right, but if Jerry, that jerk is being cute, will need to be reminded that my folks in Draper have more than enough room for their daughter and grandchild. They even have a pool and a pool table. We don’t have any pools here. How will this kid learn to swim?

Two Advil later, for back pain, and I’m listening to “Black Sun.” It seemed pretty hopeful until the line, “all the plans that came undone.” I am convinced Jerry is never coming home after his 17 hour shift. He is probably seeing someone not round or smelling like a relish crank. Four pickles left…

I like the sensitivity that Gibbard puts off, but another lyric reminded me how much I can’t wait to be over this: “There’s whiskey in the water.” There used toPickles cucumber be. Maybe that’s how I ended up in a two-bedroom in suburbia with neighbors that bring me nothing but Rice Crispy treats on the reg as though they want my kid to have diabetes before it can even walk. Well, Ben Gibbard, perhaps in another month there will be whiskey in the water once again, just in time for the Steve Miller Band at Red Butte. The folks can’t wait to babysit.

“The Ghost of Beverly Drive” was my favorite. I’ve always wanted to live in Beverly Hills. Maybe when Jerry finishes his associates at SLCC. He said he has an uncle in the business. He also told me we’d go to Spain last year…

I am amazed at how easy this album is to listen to. “Little Wanderer” was great. I closed my eyes and took a swig of pickle juice (only 5 pickles left) as Ben described Cherry Blossoms. I can picture singing the chorus of this song to little Tre, if it’s a boy, or Skritt if it’s a girl. I don’t know any women with that name. “Litter wanderer, walk across the sea…won’t you wander back to me.” I am getting teary. Next track.

“You’ve Haunted Me All My Life” seems a bit macabre. Not sure If I am using that word right, but it sounds right. This song is about his parents, right? I wanted a pony and daddy bought a pool table and a bottle of Louis XIV rather than make his daughter happy. Talk about haunted. I skipped this track despite the acoustic guitar.


At this point “The New Girl” is looking pretty good even with the sound off. I am sure I will finish listening to this later. Unmute.

Basically, “Kintsugi” is pretty good. I am giving it 4 dills, 3 gherkins and 1 sweet. Maybe $5 worth of Menchie’s tart fo-yo with cheesecake cubes on top.

Note: I actually went back to listen to this album an hour later, which I didn’t really intend to do, but the internet cut out and “The New Girl” went with it. Picking up on track 6, “Hold No Guns” started out with the line, “Girl, don’t you understand…” What? What don’t I understand? What Ben Gibbard? What?

I just downloaded the new Passion Pit album. I’ll let you know…

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