It’s the month of birds, bold flavors and libation.

Halloween, schmalloween. It’s the month you wait for all year to celebrate the things you really care about in life.


They wake you up. They try to get in the henhouse. They are the rake of the bird world and pretty badass. All hail the mascot of Cocktober!

Cocktail sauce.

No one knows what’s in it and few people under 40 like it, but when presented with calamari or shrimp you’ll find it. It’s the official sauce of Cocktober.

Rooster’s Brewing Company in Ogden, UT

Obviously inspired by the Cocktober’s official mascot. Needless today, the official brew of this calendar month.

High point Utah beer.

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The Cockatoo

This bird is the obvious understudy for official Cocktober mascot. This bird’s wicked mohawk makes it pretty badass. Don’t you think?


The official attitude of Cocktober, bro. Works best after enjoying the official Cocktober brew (listed above).


The cooler Cocktober temps make you want to get out and do some sports. There’s no better sport to get cocky over than holding a badass badminton racket and sending that shuttlecock into your competitor’s thigh doing a solid 26 MPH.


Also known as a sucker punch. No cool, bro. Not cool.


That swagger. The fall is a great time to look your best and strut like you’re the shit. Sure, people will hate you and look at you like an ass, but they’re just hating on your confidence and well-earned self-esteem from your doughed-out facial air and well-tailored clothes.


Defined as “A tap having a nozzle bent downwards and supplied from a horizontal pipe.” Obviously the best way to enjoy the Cocktober beverage.

Cock Rock

Last but not least, the soundtrack to Cocktober. None of the activities above can be done without. Here’s two to start with.

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