Fresh X: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "Downtown"

Macklemore. Hmmm…what to write about the guy? He came up fast and was part of the culture in such a short time that it’s a tough cookie to put this into any current music context, besides I’ve only listened to “Downtown” twice so far. My first impulse is that it seems a bit scattered to me, which I suppose isn’t bad.  Screaming of the word “Downtown” is supposed to be the chorus, may not have been the best production decision as it clashes with the funk and melody of the overall song. A call with no response perhaps? It is funky, though. “Downtown” has that going for it and some Macklemore quips that you wish it had more of. By the time the song ends you with you had more Mack and less production. He is one guy where I want more verse and less chorus from these days.

It feels a bit forced, but following up the success Macklemore had last go around, you can hardly blame him. Still, how can you not like the guy? He’s a part and seems pretty damn genuine. Even though this isn’t what I had in mind, I still am rooting for the guy.

Give it a listen and decide for yourself.

Updated: Macklemore just posted the video…I like this much more after seeing the video (it’s in 4K if you have the bandwidth and the screen for it). #moosebike

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